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We are the pioneer and leading brand of a no water change fish tank technology where our filtration system is unlike any other models you have ever seen because we designed them with modernization and convenience in mind. As our products are sourced from an overseas trusted brand, it gives us access to the secret of no water change technology, the bio enzyme. The bio enzyme houses live bacteria that will help break down the contents of your fish tank such as nitrate and ammonia. In summary, they help maintain and balance the PH level of your water tank, creating the ideal water environment for your fishes to live in.

Our Achievements

Aquariums provide a calm and relaxing environment and we wanted to let fellow enthusiasts know that our Seazone aquariums also serve as a beautiful piece of wall art.

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Why Choose Us?

High Quality

Imported overseas products from trusted brand with patented filtration system

High Tech

Latest aqua technology treats the water in the aquarium without anti-chlorine creating a simple maintenance that can be managed by your own

Various Models

Wide range of frame designs to cater to the needs of different living spaces

Premium Setup

Complimentary aquascaping with plant setup and basic freshwater fishes for water testing

Strong Technical Backup

Our team of experienced technicians and aquarists are truly the best at what
they do

For Office


Improves corporate image


Relieves work pressure


Enhances employees morale & efficiency work place


Improves environment to be more inviting, welcoming and harmonious

For Home


Reduces stress and lower blood pressure


Scientifically proven to improve mental health


Relaxing and therapeutic


Enhances the aesthetic of home and living style

No Water Change Technology

The tank comes with a hidden core player that consist of a combination of machinery, biological, chemical and physical filtration system. It creates a stable and long-lasting ecosystem that leaves the water crystal clear at all time.

Space Saving

Wall-mounted with a width of as low as 14 cm and an added impressive touch to any of your rooms, offices or homes. It comes as an all-in-one complete set, which is ideal for any beginners.

Convertible Natural Living Art

Aquariums are more than just decorations; it provides calm and relaxing environment to ambience; it can be therapeutic as it lowers blood pressure and reduces stress level.

Minimal Maintenance

Minimal maintenance is Seazone’s middle name as our aquariums only require minimal maintenance once every 2 to 3 months. Our aquariums also require no water change at all. We also do provide professional maintenance services to fulfil the needs of our customers including outstation ones.

Wall-Mounted Series

See Through Series

DIY Series