Luxury Aquarium | Premium Shimmer White Frame

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5' L155cm*H55cm*W14cm
5' L155cm*H55cm*W14cm
6' L185cm*H60cm*W14cm
6' L185cm*H60cm*W14cm
7' L205cm*H65cm*W14cm
7' L205cm*H65cm*W14cm


Luxury Aquarium |Premium Shimmer White Frame

Create a modern luxury and classic interior with SEAZONE Premium Series Aquarium. The Premium Shimmer White Frame can perfectly show your noble temperament.

This aquarium requires *
1) our patented ingredients in Seazone Bio-Bacteria Enzyme break down organic matter that naturally occurs in aquariums, leftover food, plant decay & feces. It contains all the essential bacteria and enzymes to create a perfect water ecosystem that will prevent the water from turning cloudy and the need for a water change.
2) 4 type filtration contained – machinery filter system, bio filter system, chemical filter system and physical filter system

Made from premium high-quality float glass (8-10mm depending on the size)
– Product import
– Built-in filtration system
– Built-in LED light that can be controlled with remote
– Wall Mounted Design

Package Includes:
⭐Tank X 1
⭐Lighting Set with LED Light Bulb X 1
⭐Water Pump X 2
⭐Filter Sponge X 4
⭐Bio-Bacteria Enzyme X 1
⭐Remote Control for LED Light X 1
⭐Magnet Rubber X 1
⭐Fish Net X 1
⭐Aquarium Plant Tweezer X 1

▶ For detailed information, enquiry, consultation, delivery charges and other arrangements, kindly WhatsApp us at 012-676 9687

▶ 3 sizes available or custom made size aquarium also available.

▶ Free setup with plants; Coral setup need to upgrade & pay additional

▶ Get in touch with us on Facebook & Instagram (Seazone Innovative) for the latest updates.

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Size (cm)

5' L155cm*H55cm*W14cm, 6' L185cm*H60cm*W14cm, 7' L205cm*H65cm*W14cm


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