Mossy big rock aquarium ornament


Mossy Rock Big Aquarium Ornament (1902S)

~ Ready Stock ~
~ High Quality & affordable price ~
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1)Safe for any aquarium tank

2)Size: 30cm x 16cm x 14cm

3)To provide hiding place for fish and beautiful decoration for your tank.


Mossy big rock aquarium ornament

A mossy big rock aquarium ornament to create a natural-recurring rock where it is not only used for aquarium landscaping but also decorative beauty. Not only that, the mossy rock also creates an imaginative environment for your fishes by supplying a natural environment while providing both shelter and entertainment. The rock also has no sharp edges or rough surface. The material used in production is also non-toxic, therefore, it will not reduce your fishes’ health.

– Safety: Safe for any aquarium tank
– Dimensions: 30cm x 16cm x 14cm
– Quality: High
– Authenticity: 100% original
– Price: Affordable


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