Artificial clownfish Nemo aquarium ornament (Bubble Blower)


Nemo aquarium bubble maker

~ Ready Stock ~
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1)Safe for any aquarium tank

2)Size: 10cm x 7cm x 10cm

3)To provide hiding place for fish and beautiful decoration for your tank.


Artificial clownfish Nemo aquarium ornament (Bubble Blower)

Bring the excitement of your most favorite character from “Finding Nemo” to your aquarium with this bubble blower ornament. The ornament allows you to be creative in designing your Disney characters through its bright, colorful and vivid little characters. The design of Nemo is finely detailed, using safe and durable resin for production, giving you and viewers a 3D views that looks great from all angles.

– Safety: Safe for any aquarium tank
– Dimensions: 10cm x 7cm x 10cm
– Quality: High
– Authenticity: 100% original
– Price: Affordable


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