Tree trunk aquarium ornament (5)



Tree trunk aquarium ornament

It is time to replace those outdated and rather boring fish tank decorations with something more fun and vibrant such as our tree trunk aquarium ornament. This ornament adds a special touch to your aquarium, giving an illusion of a magical world. The wood of our tree ornament is also solid and durable. Therefore, it will sit steadily on the tank bottom and will not float to the surface. The tree will also look brighter and more colorful in underwater due to water reflection and the lightning of the fish tank. Fish tank owners can also place moss alongside the wood of the plant to adorn the beauty of their aquarium.

– Safety: Safe for any aquarium tank
– Dimensions: 20cm x 7cm x 10cm
– Quality: High
– Authenticity: 100% original
– Price: Affordable


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