Terms & Conditions

  • Images shown on our website, promotional contents and social media are for illustration purposes only.
  • Customers are recommended to study the fishes they want to rear before purchasing as each species has its own specific needs and ideal living conditions. Seazone will not be held responsible for the health condition of the fishes purchased by the customers.
  • Customers are highly advised to not purchase any rapid-growing fish species as they will face trouble living in Seazone aquariums once they grow to their full size. 
  • Usage of any other sands, stones or pebbles not provided or sold by Seazone is highly not advised. Customers will have to bear the full responsibility of any mishaps such as fishes dying due to water pollution.
  • Modification/Alteration on any electrical or aquarium components of Seazone aquariums will nullify the warranty between the customer’s and Seazone’s. Seazone will also not be held responsible should any defects occur otherwise.
  • Additional corals or plants purchased by the customer that will negatively affect the aquarium’s water condition will hold the customer responsible.
  • Seazone will only be responsible to make good any defects to the tanks, caused by the plants and corals purchased from Seazone Sdn Bhd that happen during installation, setup or service/maintenance 
  • Seazone is not responsible for the death of the fishes caused by overfeeding. Overfeeding can be indicated by testing the nitrate level in the water. Water change is also needed to ensure the health of the next batch of fishes.
  • Should any damage or mishaps be detected during our installation or maintenance, please let us know within 24 hours from the time of the installation or maintenance.
  • Validity of the maintenance package lasts for 18 months or 1 year and 6 months.
  • We suggest our customers to only feed the fishes with fish food sold by Seazone. Seazone will not be held responsible for the condition of the fishes should they be fed with a different fish food.
  • Seazone is not responsible for the aquarium after the warranty period has ended.

                                                                          Warranty for accessories – 6 Month

                                                                          Warranty for aquarium – 2 years

  • Customers who subscribed to our maintenance package are recommended to call us as soon as possible when the aquarium is dirty or algae formation.
  • Seazone will not be held responsible should a customer calls in maintenance during or after an emergency such as dead fishes or aquarium already infested with algae.
  • A 6 months warranty (Can only be claimed once) for remote control comes along with Seazone aquariums.  

Return & Refund Policy

(All Non-tanks products delivered)

All goods sold are non-returnable and non-refundable.

A return and/or refund of the product are/is only allowed under the following circumstances:

• The product is confirmed to be having manufacturing defects and/or damaged by our technicians/aquarists

The return and/or refund request must be submitted within 7 days of receipt of the order.

The return and/or refund procedures are as follows:
a.    Please contact our customer support team to request for return and/or refund of the product.
b.    After receiving your request, we shall contact you within 3 business days for further instructions.
c.    You are required to send the product to SEAZONE and bear the shipping cost, if any.
d.    Please inform us of the proof of delivery (consignment/parcel/tracking number)
e.    Once your return is received and inspected by us, we will process your refunds of the product cost within 7 to 14 business days.

Any approved refunds shall be processed to the original mode of payment.

SEAZONE reserves the right to reject any inappropriate or unreasonable returns and/or refunds.


(All Tank-related products & services)

1. Dispute over any items which is not stated in the sales order will not be entertained. Verbal promise by the respective Salesperson does not represent SEAZONE under any circumstances, unless otherwise stated under the “Special Request(s) & Remark(s)” section, whereby the item(s) stated is/are indeed part of the product(s) sold by Seazone Innovative Sdn Bhd.

2. ALL payments made are NON-REFUNDABLE after seven (7) days from the date as stated above. In case of a refund within seven (7) days, a 10% of handling fee (incidental expenses, installation/uninstallation, service fees, etc) shall be retained by SEAZONE as non refundable.

3. Full settlement is required at least three (3) days before delivery or installation of aquarium.

4. NO last minute installation. Date of installation shall be booked at least seven (7) days in advance.

5. Delivered or installed aquarium is NON-RETURNABLE under any circumstances. Professional repair will be arranged for any defect, applicable to all tanks under warranty.

6. Services rendered are not refundable under any circumstances