Frequently Asked Questions

Wall-Mounted Aquarium

Seazone has a selection of 6 different models

4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, and 7 feet

DIY-Series Aquarium

Seazone has a selection of 2 different models

2 feet, 2.5 feet, 3 feet, and 3.5 feet

Installation Concerns

Seazone Installation Service

No, L-Shaped brackets will be mounted (we will only drill 6 holes) to the wall so there will not be the need to hack the wall

Can, but not under direct sunlight


For Klang Valley and Penang, the aquarium price is inclusive of the installation, setup, and the fishes. For areas other than Klang Valley and Penang, there will be a transportation fee for every aquarium purchased. Installation and setup up will be done however fishes will not be provided (the price of the fish will be deducted based on the size of the aquarium)

Yes, you can choose the fish that you like based on the stock we have

You can’t choose the accessories as the options are available according to the setup chosen



Maintenance Concerns

Seazone Installation Service

For areas outside of Klang Valley or Penang, we will guide you on how to do it during installation.

The maintenance is inclusive of replacing dead plants or corals, cleaning the algae, stone and replacing the water according to the ideal PH level for your fishes

The filters must be cleaned during every maintenance, once every 2-3 months

No Water Change Technology

Seazone Product Information

As our aquariums require no water change, only minimal maintenance will suffice such as washing the filters and scrubbing the algae off the glass surface once every 2 to 3 months. You can also purchase a yearly maintenance service package alongside your aquarium purchases from: (Per trip), (4 times), (6 times) or (12 times).

To avoid overfeeding, we highly suggest our customers to only feed the fishes once per day. Our “Rule of Thumb” states that the fish flakes must be finished within 90 seconds. If there are fish flakes still remaining, it is considered overfeeding already.

Our patented ingredients ‘SEAZONE Bio-Bacteria Enzyme’ break down organic matter that naturally occurs in aquariums, i.e left-over foods, plant decay, and feces. It contains all the essential bacteria and enzymes to create a perfect water ecosystem that will prevent cloudy water and eliminate the need for a water change.

There are 4 filtration systems used, machinery filter system, biofilter system, chemical filter system, and physical filter system

Order & Payment

Seazone Product Information

Our aquariums can be purchased from any of our physical stores located in Mid Valley, 1 Utama or our digital market in OneShop, Lazada, and Shopee.

Yes, we allow customers for walk-in viewing in any of our existing physical stores located in Mid Valley and 1 Utama

You can WhatsApp us at 012-6689687 or order direectly from any of our physical stores located in Mid Valley or 1 Utama

You can WhatsApp us at 012-6689687 and we can further assist you from there

Other Concerns

Seazone Product Information

The width of the tank is as long as 14 cm. Therefore,  the type and number of the fishes provided will be based on the length of the aquarium, allowing plenty of breathing room for them

For plant setup, a minimum of 6-8 hours of LED light is required every day for photosynthesis purposes and no specific hours for coral setup. However, the longer the light is left switched on, the quicker the build up rate of the algae